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Presenting our very first brand film:

The Wavy Girls Club.


This film spotlights the essence of the GDS GIRL, seamlessly weaving in our current collection with timeless pieces from our archive, all set within a GDS universe.


In every one of us, there exists a cherished community — a space where we feel the safest. The Wavy Girls Club is that place, where understanding, support and celebration intertwine. It's a space where the mission is simple: to honour and celebrate the wavy girls who make our community thrive.


This film takes you on a curated tour through our previous collections, a deliberate choice to showcase not only the evolution of our designs but also to shine a light on the incredible girls who've graced the face of our brand. It's a testament to growth, diversity, and the unique spirit each girl brings to the GDS identity.


Join us in celebrating not just the fashion but the unspoken bonds that tie us all together in The Wavy Girls Club. This is more than a brand film; it's a tribute to the dynamic, empowering, and ever-evolving community that is the heart and soul of GDSBRAND.




So much hard work and pure talent was put into this and we hope you enjoy and truly resonate with it.



Creative Director:  Clarissa Henry
Clothing: GDSBRAND
Styling & Glam: Lauren Byfield

Director: Safeen James
Director of Photography: Oluwatobi Kenneth Fadoju
Producer: Lorraine Brobby
1st AD: Afra Bailey
Gaffer: Louis Johnson
Art Director: Beth Anibaba

Editor: Elizabeth Langeld
Sound Designer: Elizabeth Langeld
Music Producer/Composer: Lola Adeeko
Mix Engineer Manni Koya
Lyrics & Singer: Safeen

Lead Model: Eireny
Amba Jackson
Lici Para
Clarissa Henry

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